City by Subway is an urban transmedia storytelling platform whose purpose is to bring out the value of a city and of its main activities – from culture and art, to craftsmanship and shopping. This is not a typical tourist guide, providing just information. It’s rather a platform for sharing pictures, videos, and stories about a city. It is a collaborative project and constantly updated collection of impressions and emotive glimpses. Due to its editorial structure, City by Subway is both a tale and a travel tool.

Navigation is guided by the metaphor of a subway that is both the site environment and the graphic user interface. The City by Subway “railway” is made of different lines. Each line has its own color and represents thematic channel; a point of view through which observe and present a city. Stations represent places to visit. Just as in real life, lines and stations can grow; each line may have branches (sub-topics of the thematic channel) and connections with other lines.

The same subway structure connects different cities. At the end of a line, users reach the next city.

Each station is made of:

  • 1 video trailer made by Filmmaker and City by Subway Publisher network,
  • 2 video channels (Line Channel and Station Channel) for content-depth (for example street photography tutorial, architect interviews, etc.),
  • 1 social stories area allocated to user content.

Users can:

  • Watch videos and “travel” from the comfort of your home,
  • Enjoy places and create itineraries for visiting a city, customizing the subway lines,
  • Share your experience, uploading videos, pictures, and stories about a place.

City by Subway places a value on quality content. To manage editorial choices, content creation, and the expansion of the “subway”, City by Subway Structure is composed by a Local Network of Filmmakers and Publishers.

  In this video you can watch the concept.

  In this video Max Borsani explains what City by Subway is.


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