To create a great visual storytelling of cities and their urban environment – from historical aspects to newest energies -- in order to increase appreciation of cultural heritage, and artistic, creative, and business assets. To let appreciate and discover a place that gives us emotions, through images and stories, is the first step in bringing out its tangible value.
The construction of the longest subway in the world may happen only through the engagement of those who live in the cities -- and of those who visit them, and capture and share their feelings, giving something of themselves in the process. Places stay, we are on the way.

The web gives us great freedom of expression. This is all very good within the limits of respect and good manners. Unfortunately not everyone is able to see the line between freedom and respect. CbS endorses a positive and constructive attitude, including freedom of critique, but disapproves profanity and offense. Therefore CbS has the right to ban or delete offensive contributions, and to block or terminate corresponding user accounts (particularly upon repeated behaviour). CbS’s intention is to always safeguard users, and publishers’ and sponsors’ content. For further details, please see legal documents Terms of Service and Guidelines.

City by Subway promotes a content creation system, based on editorial lines. The creation of content that compose the subway will be based on editorial choices by City Publishers, shared with CbS. CbS will provides guidelines and directions about video format. Therefore publishers will be selected according to professional, creative, and ethical criteria. They will have a fundamental role in guaranteeing quality of urban storytelling, and correct representation of their city. Not all places, or cultural activities (and even more so business activities) should be part of the “subway”. This in order to safeguard users, as well as sponsors who want to create content, and communicate with users. CbS approach to Native Advertising and Content Marketing is specified in the advertising section. City by Subway believes in the value of cooperation and supports a Filmmaker and Publisher network, founded on experience, sharing and reciprocal help. City by Subway also believes in entrepreneurship, grounded on business sustainability for Filmmakers and Publishers, and values their creative contribution and artistic sensitivity.